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With great local produce arriving daily our menu evolves constantly. We serve 4 different salads everyday which make up our popular salad wraps. With salad you can have.

DWF specialties

Vegetarian lasagne with tomato pesto ricotta and pecorino cheese with house rolled fresh lasagne sheets

Pork fennel cranberry sausage rolls made with puff pastry

(GF) Falafel balls with humus DWF style

(GF) Corn and potato fritters with shredded spinach leaves and cumin, caraway seeds and chili flakes

(GF)Thai  Fish cakes made with fresh coriander

Potted boeuf bourguignon pies

(GF) Italian ricotta fritters with fresh herbs and mama’s touch

(GF) Arancini balls with tomato sauce

Spinach, feta and caraway filo parcels


Heathy bliss balls Desserts of inspiration.